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Some surprising fashion and glamour photography by Vancouver based photographer Ryan Doco Connors. He applied some creative ideas and thoughts in make ups, especially in body art and tattoos and also focused on classic and natural looks in shooting with his beautiful models.
Fashion Photography of a Female Model with Exceptional Make ups and Tattoos

He worked with some beautiful models and talented make up artists, to make possible these excellent photography. Here are some 17 Fashion and glamour photography I picked from his portfolio.

And off course, You can visit his portfolio at Docofolio

Fashion Model in Photography
Model with exceptional and colorful body art/Tattoo
Fashion modeling photography
Girl in sunset
Fashion Photography reel
Urban Girl in fashion photography
Urban Girl in glamour photography
Natural light glamour photography
fashion photography with Tattoos
Fashion photography with Tattoos and color shades in Body
Grunge and black & white fashion photography
Black and white-close-up shot of a model
Innocence in fashion photography(Black and white)

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Ryan said...

Thank you for the wonderful feature <3 <3


Jason said...

Fantastic as always!

Gold Coast Photographer said...

Wow Inspirational shots. I really love the Black & White shots. I love this type of stuff because it gives me so many ideas ! thank you. The world of fashion photography is an exciting place. There are many avenues for entry into the industry. I am based on the Gold Coast in Australia. I am a freelance photographer and am slowly gaining a reputation in the fashion industry by doing TFP photo shoots. TFP shoots are “Trade for Photos”. There are many wanna be models in the industry that are more than willing to do these type of shoots because it allows them to build up their portfolios. Whilst you are doing these shoots you are honing your craft and building your portfolio as well.

Fernecito said...


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