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A unique high tech urban bike concept by Teague, that meets all the needs for ultra efficient and ultra reliable urban biking. Equal parts gym membership, fashion statement and Kyoto pact contributor, it offers a transportation solution in synch with the needs of today's urban citizen.
High Tech Urban Bike Concept Design

Pulse, the new bike's features include electric turn signals controlled from the handlebars and a luminescent frame that lights up when you need it, a specially designed bike pedals.

Inspired by single seat, two-wheeled simplicity, the Fixie and the Fighter, Pulse proves only good things can happen when form follows purpose.

Modern urban bike concept

Photo-luminescent powder coating ensures added visibility and safety.

Modern urban bike concept

Intuitive controls borrowed from motorcycles bring safety and sophistication; a push to cancel switch controls bar-end mounted LED turn signals. A rechargeable battery bundle is mounted in the hollow steer turn, removable for charging via cell phone micro USB.

Specially designed bike pedals

You can learn more about the bike and perhaps some other innovative creation by Teague at their Portfolio

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Christian Robert said...

Great aesthetics and concept - until realizing that the lights run on battery power!!

Ergo, the concept falls short of the crucial last step: implementation of an efficient dynamo, kinetic energy converted into electric power...

waiting for the Pulse/Dynamo Bike, cheers!

fred said...

Amazing how little the bike has moved on in 100 years or so. Just shows that they got it right early on.

Andrew Smith said...

a very nice design! it would be much better if this concept would be integrated with the electric bike.

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