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Birds are winged, bipedal, warm-blooded egg-laying and very common specie among the wildlife. Bird photography is a popular subject for wildlife photography that captures this kind of vertebrate animals in various moments and positions. Here are 30 beautiful examples of Bird Photography containing some stunning photos of owls, hawks, falcons, eagles, ducks and some other beautiful birds. Wildlife photography of various birds

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Bird-photography-hawk By sirVictor59

Birds-in-green-field By Caught in Time Photography

Birds-photography7 By Caught in Time

Birds-photography8 By Caught in Time

Duck-in-water By Caught in Time

The owl of the rising sun By hvhe1 photography

Cooper ’s -hawk photography By National Geographic Photography

Not just attractive physical features, the blue feet of this booby can be used to cover its chicks and keep them warm. By National Geographic Photography

The most common owl in North and South America, the great horned owl has adapted to a wide variety of habitats and climates. By National Geographic

A Pitangus sulphuratus with a butterfly flying next to it; curiously they have matching colors. By National Geographic

European uhu, captured at a bird of prey demonstration show @ Nieuwe Niedorp, North-Holland, Netherlands. By Allard One

little-bird-on-lake at the The Lincoln Memorial,Washington, DC 20037 By Matt Hansen Photography

Lightroom frosty bird flight - Captured in motion - Misty background - Shot on Nikon D3 By Cuba Gallery

During a boat trip across the Gulf of Papagayo, this parrot decided that he couldn't stand the heat of the Guanacaste summer and decided to take a bath. By National Geographic Photography


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DADFAP said...

Love the owl in flight by hvhv1!!

Matthew Wridgway said...

I love the squirrel being harrassed for his nut by starlings!

Sheva said...

Wow these are really great stills. I'll keep them in my archive.

Anonymous said...

really amazing pics. keep it up

Sunita Jha said...

really amazing it...

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