Feb 24, 2011 ,

A Collection 20+ Weird but Beautiful Fashion Photography. Fashion is an ever changing art. Today’s bizarre is tomorrow’s style and in their works, fashion photographers always try to visualize the future of fashion, style and trend. This photography collection showcases some beautiful women with strange and gothic make ups and clothing styles.A Collection of weird and Strange Fashion Photography

Feb 13, 2011 , ,

Wedding photography is a reflection of bonding, true love, romance and affection. Couples with traditional wedding dresses and the surroundings resemble an ultimate symbol of joy and love. With the innovation of photographic techniques and equipments, wedding photography has reached far in terms of creativity. This collection brings together an extremely romantic and creative collection of wedding photographs by Sergei Ivanov.Most Beautiful And Romantic HDR Wedding Photography Collection

Feb 8, 2011 , ,

25+ Amazing urban girl beauty and fashion photography. It seems that Fashion and Beauty photography find creative shapes in urban areas. This photography collection brings together a handful of urban photography, capturing the beauty and style of some beautiful urban girls/models. Hope you will find them interesting. Fashion and Beauty Photography showcasing urban girls and models

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