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A Collection 20+ Weird but Beautiful Fashion Photography. Fashion is an ever changing art. Today’s bizarre is tomorrow’s style and in their works, fashion photographers always try to visualize the future of fashion, style and trend. This photography collection showcases some beautiful women with strange and gothic make ups and clothing styles.A Collection of weird and Strange Fashion Photography

Strange and Weird Fashion Photography by Kirsty Mitchell
Weird and Gothic Fashion Photography by Kakhabad
Photography: Strange Fashion Fads by Fomkin Konstantin

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aMa photographer Italy said...

Quite a lot of creative fashion ideas: I like the Gothic fashion picture with the cards and the pose of the male model. I also liked the first battery of pictures with the geranium flowers. Many nice ideas to keep in mind on future photo shoots.

mens overcoats said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning images! The model is so amazing! She's so gorgeous! Glad I found this amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

Solo por el gusto de compartir said...

Wow!! amazing
Excellent job

Cathy of Eye Puffiness said...

I was so wowed by this pictures. I admire this photographs love them all!

Album of Life said...

Quite unconventional approach to fashion photography.

Diana Rose Dedase said...

Hi. I admire this photographs, it so wonderful and artistic. I hope I can get a picture like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! amazing!!!!!

Vivek Sinha said...

These photographs are a fashion photographer's delight.

Hernan Gleizer said...

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Eye said...

Nice picture collection in this blog and this are very helpful for fashion modeling. Thanks for sharing such nice post.

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Limor Gefen said...

Beautiful photographs. Love it all....

Carlene Kepley said...

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Xarah Valiente said...

its really wonderful and amazing photo! thanks for the 3 photojournalist.. i really love it!

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