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The Venus Project is a vision that promotes some tremendous master plan for the future human civilization to design a modern high tech city including its architectures and living,transportation,space stations and housing on and under the seas.
Future-architecture-technology-and-modern-city-system The vision of the future technology was first initiated by Jacque Fresco and his partner Roxanne Meadows around 1975. Later they founded the The Venus Project, Inc in 1995 in Venus, Florida, where its 21-acre (8.5-hectare) research center is located to showcase the architecture and concepts of the future construction including residential architecture, transportation system and renewable energy sources.
Now lets see what Jacque Fresco’s Venus project designed the major architectures and the living of future civilizations.

Future City System
Future-residential-architecture-system Residential-architecture modern-city-architecture Future-City-living future construction residential-construction
Sea Living
future-port-construction Seaport sea-living-in-future Sea-residential-architecture beach-house Sea-building
Transportation System
modern-city-transportation-systemFuture-car modern-city-transport Transportation Future-ship Water-transport-technology
City Living and Construction Technology
residential-architecture-technology construction-project future-architecture beach-house heavy-construction heavy-construction-technology
Sustainable Energy Sources
renewable energy sources Solar-energy-plant sustainable- energy
Sometimes people call Jacque Fresco a crazy old man for these sort of ideas and visions. But the most important things is that the future civilization will have to bring some revolutionary changes in almost every aspects to survive.

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I always imagined the future living in a big office building the size of India in the middle of the Sahara desert.

History Lover said...

It looks like star wars

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