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While visiting Deviant art, I found some fabulous digital art which was created by UK based illustrator Nik Ainley. I could not hold myself to share some of his digital art graphics.Digital art by UK based Illustrator Nik Ainley Interesting thing is that he taught himself Photoshop in his spare time while studying physics and later became a full time digital artist keeping physics aside.

You can visit Nik Ainley's portfolio at Shiny Binary

Here are some works of Nik Ainley, who can be a great inspiration for the future graphic designers.

Digital art and Poster Illustration
3d Digital Art
Digital Drawing of Fractal Man's  Face
Illustration with typography
Girl Face digital art
Illustrated bird
Man's Face Digital art
Digital Face Illustration
Abstract digital drawing
Fractal  face of Man in digital art
Typography illustration
Abstract illustration

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Bung Dwijaya said...

I found those pictures very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

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