Jul 31, 2010 ,

Fashion and Glamor photography is probably one of the most popular forms of photography. This form of photography displays glamor, latest fashion trends and other exotic items. Today I will showcase some marvelous pieces of fashion photography by Jean-luc-Droux.
Glamour and Fashion Models in Photography

Jul 29, 2010 ,

Interior photography is a popular form of photography. Interior photography mainly focuses on interiors of commercial, residential, cityscape and historic structures or buildings. I have put together some best shot interior photography for your inspiration.
Interior photography collection

Jul 28, 2010 , ,

Millennial Time Machine is a 19th century horse drawn landau, whose carriage has been converted into a camera obscura at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and is a public art fixture at the University.
Millennial Time Machine is a Landau Carriage that Converted to a Camera Obscura at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Jul 27, 2010 , ,

A collection of fresh and cutting edge photography by Jeremy,focusing the black and white in fashion photography and vastly inspired by the nature, by nice architecture and by fine arts.
Black and white Fashion Photography

Jul 26, 2010 ,

A unique high tech urban bike concept by Teague, that meets all the needs for ultra efficient and ultra reliable urban biking. Equal parts gym membership, fashion statement and Kyoto pact contributor, it offers a transportation solution in synch with the needs of today's urban citizen.
High Tech Urban Bike Concept Design

Jul 23, 2010 , ,

A marvelous collection of fairytale fashion photography by the Viona-art team, who brought back the historical era and its surroundings in frames with perfect use of costumes. The photography collection includes some best shot fairytale photography that truly reflects the historical silhouette in fashion and beauty.
Historic and Victorian age Fairytale Fashion Photography

Jul 21, 2010 ,

Interior design for commercial space or office is a consistent idea and used throughout a structure to create a feeling of completeness in colors and style. Interior designers employ dynamic use of color and shades and arrange spaces within the structure in a surprising context and bring life within the landscape. This post will highlight some exotic office/commercial interior designs in Australia.
Exotic example of use of color in commercial and industrial interior design

Jul 19, 2010 ,

Horror photography is a popular form of art that elicit our emotions of fear and shock through the means of macabre and the supernatural. Here are some 24 outstanding horror photography and photo manipulation examples that will extract your unconscious feelings of hidden worst fears.
24 Examples of Dark and scaring Horror Photography

Jul 18, 2010 ,

Some surprising fashion and glamour photography by Vancouver based photographer Ryan Doco Connors. He applied some creative ideas and thoughts in make ups, especially in body art and tattoos and also focused on classic and natural looks in shooting with his beautiful models.
Fashion Photography of a Female Model with Exceptional Make ups and Tattoos

Jul 16, 2010 ,

This undated Photograph shows that an Arabian person is taking photographs of his five female family members during a trip. The women are all in veils, making the photo session a remarkable one!
An Arabian person is taking photographs of women in veils

Jul 15, 2010 , ,

30 digital arts comprising some beautiful vector illustrations and Character portraits by a talented Brazilian illustrator Cristiano Siqueira.
Beautiful Vector illustration collection

Jul 4, 2010

Pilot Handwriting is a Free online tool that lets you to turn your own handwriting into a computer font and send e-mail to your friends in your own font, in just five minutes.
Pilot handwriting-Write by hand on computer

Jul 3, 2010 ,

Architecture is a popular subject for photography. Architectural photography mainly focuses on exteriors and interiors of commercial, residential, cityscape and historic structures or buildings. I have put together some best shot architecture photography for your inspiration.
Architecture Photography of New York City building windows

Jul 1, 2010 , ,

While visiting Deviant art, I found some fabulous digital art which was created by UK based illustrator Nik Ainley. I could not hold myself to share some of his digital art graphics.Digital art by UK based Illustrator Nik Ainley

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