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Architectural and Landscape Illustration are two popular forms of computer graphics that give us the imaginary visions of architecture and landscape objects. With the emergence of 2d and 3d technology, the concepts of architectural and landscape illustrations has become more exciting. Here are some 35 Beautiful examples of artworks by a number of visual artists. 35 Incredible Examples of Architectural and Landscape Illustrations

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Nature and Landscape Photography is a popular field of Photography that captures the natural objects like landscape, flowers and plants, mountains and other natural elements and textures. People who are enthusiastic about travel always fall in love with this genre of photography. Here is a collection of 50 cutting edge landscape photography by photographers across the world.
50 Stunning Examples of Nature and Landscape Photography

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Fashion and beauty photography is a genre of photography that visualizes the beauty of models, usually female models, and expose in a romantic way. This is a collection of 35 beautiful Fashion and beauty photography by Sacha Dean Biyan.
35 Magical Examples of Beauty and Fashion Photography

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Wildlife photography is probably the most popular part of natural photography. Wildlife photography captures the wildlife in the right place at the right time. This collection includes 50 beautiful wildlife photography that captured animals, Birds, insects and species through the lenses.

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The TrikE is a modern three wheeler electric urban Bicycle/bike that has been designed to go anywhere while providing weather protection and a moderate cargo storage. With a speed of 20 Kilometer per hour, its 36v lithium battery pack costs a little to recharge.
TrikE: Three Wheeled Modern Electric Urban Bike

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Architecture is a popular subject for photography. Architecture photography mainly focuses on exteriors and interiors of commercial, residential, cityscape and historic structures or buildings. This collection puts together some best shot HRD architectural photography for your inspiration.
HRD architectural photography collection

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