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Architecture is a popular subject for photography. Architecture photography mainly focuses on exteriors and interiors of commercial, residential, cityscape and historic structures or buildings. This collection puts together some best shot HRD architectural photography for your inspiration.
HRD architectural photography collection

Staircase in wieliczka,southern Poland
by Simon Hanna – UK

Staircase photography in wieliczka,southern Poland

Under The Road
by Roberto Pastrovicchio – Italy

Architecture Photography-Under the road

Bridge toll House, Ireland
by John Tozer - Australia

Bridge toll House, Ireland

The Lakeside City
by Paul Freeman – UK

City reflection in Lake

by Frank Meyl - Germany

architecture-design of Bilbao

Morning at The Danish Royal Theatre
by Roberto Pastrovicchio – Italy

Ariel-architecture-photography of Morning at The Danish Royal Theatre

by Bradford Dunlop - Canada

Ariel-architecture-photography 1

Glass House


The Danish Royal Theatre
by Egon Gade - Denmark

The Danish Royal Theatre in photography

by Ian Butterworth - Australia

City Tower above forest

Midcentury Modern  
by Frank Meyl - Germany

Modern house

The City
by Raeford Dwyer – USA


JFK Terminal 5
by Chris Frazer-Smith - UK 

Photography of Terminal 5 at JFK airport

by Paul Freeman – UK 


Exotic Interior
by Jennifer Davick – USA

interior photography

Room with a View
by Doug Gibbons - Canada

Room with a View

Ball tree 
by Frank Meyl - Germany 

residential-house photography

House in Green
by Joel Lassiter – USA

An old house in green field

by Prakash Patel - USA


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leo said...

nice site, loved it.
nice collections of hdr images and... it's hdr ;) high dynamic range ;)

Roberto Pastrovicchio said...

Hi! Thanks for featuring my "Under the road" image! But please check the other one "Morning at The Danish Royal Theatre", great one but it's not mine... Regards, Roberto

Raeford Dwyer said...

Thanks for crediting my image (which is actually called Dark City) It is not an HDR image, it is a single exposure. Regards, Raeford

Simon Hanna photography said...

Staircase in Wieliczka,Southern Poland by Simon Hanna – UK.

Thanks for featuring my image, and the credit. As with the comment above my image is indeed one straight frame- shot on good old fashioned neg film!

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