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The TrikE is a modern three wheeler electric urban Bicycle/bike that has been designed to go anywhere while providing weather protection and a moderate cargo storage. With a speed of 20 Kilometer per hour, its 36v lithium battery pack costs a little to recharge.
TrikE: Three Wheeled Modern Electric Urban Bike

This electric-assist HPV is legally classified as a bicycle. So its maker, The Speed Studio Design assures that you will not need any driver’s license to ride on this bike. Its parking is super easy. Its cutting edge lean-steering system provides nimble yet secure handling. TrikE is also a lower cost alternative to neighborhood electric bike for the young folks.

TrikE: Three Wheeled Modern Electric Urban Bike
TrikE: Three Wheeled Modern Electric Urban Bike
TrikE: Three Wheeled Modern Electric Urban Bike

Now a day, biking is becoming an increasingly viable way to drive to work and make short, local trips around urban areas. TrikE can be a true environment friendly alternative to cars and motorbikes for urban transportation.

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electric bike ca said...

Hopefully, this vehicles will roam the streets soon.

Robert F. Crocker said...

it releases its second-generation successor to its current EV. Volkswagen

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